Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Around the Clubhouse | July 2017

So this summer I've been mostly painting, but here's one photo to prove I still like cute clothes. (Everything in my outfit here is actually second-hand, thanks to ebay and local thrift stores)! The next photo is a little Christmas cactus I recently repotted. My dad gave the plant to me - he really knows how to propagate house plants, and these were some cuttings from a larger plant. Let's hope I can keep it alive, because I really like this little cutie.

Next are some pics of my works in progress - I've been learning to use oil and cold wax medium. It's been more challenging than I expected, but great fun to work with. The next photo is an oil painting in progress, and the last photo is a picture of my acrylic palette - because I will always love acrylics no matter how much I experiment with oils.

Hope you are having a great July! This summer finds us in a transitional period. Things are great, but a little chaotic. When things settle down a bit I hope to dedicate more time to this blog. I still manage to update daily on Instagram @annafranklinart.


  1. Your hair is beyond gorgeous!

    Also- What a neat mix of media. I've never seen cold wax used in painting.

  2. First thought: OMG Anna! You are so gorgeous! Honestly loving the curls and your expression is priceless!
    I hope you'll be able to keep that cactus alive for as long as possible. It's really cute!
    Lasltly, I love the colours and textures of the second-to-last painting there. Someone told me recently that I'm very safe when it comes to colours, and that I need to experiment with more contrasting options, so I plan to do that soon. Your colours are awesome! Would you mind if I use it as colour schemes for practice sometime?

    Hope you're well!

    Alive as Always